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Accelerated HIT B&W fine art Masterclass - Webinar - December 10, 2023

Accelerated HIT B&W fine art Masterclass - Webinar - December 10, 2023

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Sign up for the Accelerated High-Intensity Training B&W Fine Art
Masterclass webinar on Sunday, December 10, 2023

**This is a
no-holds-barred high-intensity training masterclass PAID webinar**

When: Sunday December
10, 2023

Time: 3 pm CET (Amsterdam) /
9 am EST (New York) / 6 am PST (Los Angeles)

Duration: approx. 4.5 hours

Recorded webinar via Zoom

The webinar will be recorded and only distributed to the attendees a few days after the Webinar.


A no-holds-barred high-intensity training masterclass. The goal is to convey and demonstrate all necessary information and skills for creating impactful and beautiful B&W fine art images in around 4.5 hours. I try to communicate and demonstrate as much information and skills as possible within 4.5 hours leaving nothing untouched. 


There will be limited attendance, so full is full

You will receive an invite with a Zoom link within 24 hours upon successful payment in full.


All levels from beginners to intermediates, and experienced. If you're a beginner, you will
learn everything you need to know in 4.5 hours, and then replay the recording and practice and repeat. If you're an experienced artist, you will get a comprehensive summary and pick up new things along the way and get even better.


This webinar is not about the use of the Artisan Pro or Quick Mask Pro plugins, but they form an important part of the webinar to speed up the workflow and demos.

Topics and outline - a high-intensity, comprehensive workflow

In this class, I will give a hands-on accelerated, and intensive course on
creating high-impact and potentially award-winning B&W fine art photographs that will include everything from masking to finalizing an image. Sharing all the practical skills and knowledge I have developed over the years, leaving no stone unturned, in under 5 hours.

This 4.5-hour crash course is based on years of guiding students toward
publications, exhibitions, and winning international awards. And based on the
pioneering spirit I have demonstrated in B&W fine art architectural
photography over the years. It will be intensive as I will go through the
entire process on different images using all the necessary skills for creating high-impact B&W images. Should you desire post-webinar guidance as a result of the webinar, then I will arrange for a small group post-webinar session.

This is a course with very limited theoretical explanations. Instead, you will gain a theoretical understanding of universal principles of creating beautiful
images implicitly, through intensive various practical demonstrations.

If you know nothing or little about crafting beautiful B&W fine art photos,
you will get yourself an important foundation with this accelerated course. And if you already created great photos, you will still learn something to be even better.


First off, during the demonstrations, and in between phases, I share every
possible trick that comes to mind, 
that I might need for the job at
hand. High intensity means high in pace, and information sharing.

  • Image analysis for efficient and effective fine art creation. Identify weak and strong points based on intention, contrast, and composition.
  • Image design: based on the analysis the best design is discussed and chosen based on aesthetic principles, weak and strong points. The following points will be addressed:
  • Where should the contrast be, how much is enough and where should it not be?
  • Where should the visual weight be, and where should it not be?
  • Full tonal range or limited tonal range?
  • Creating checkerboard patterns
  • Depth perception
  • etc.
  • Masking images: making only a limited amount of necessary hard masks the fastest possible way. For the sake of doing a variety of demonstrations within the given time, masking will not be done perfectly but with the goal of understanding what method to use.
  • The importance of luminosity masks and evaluating and selecting the right luminosity masks
  • Converting and adjusting the images based on the image design, to high-impact and beautiful images using the hard and luminosity masks. The use of color filters or neutral conversions will be discussed
  • Using the principle of 'neutralizing' the image by removing contrasts and then bringing it back selectively
  • The importance of leaving sufficient 'neutral' areas (mid-grays)
  • Stylizing skies and creating depth: simple and advanced methods
  • Fine-tuning the image
  • Split toning/color grading
  • All the above will be repeated on a few more images.

This accelerated course is designed for users of the Artisan Pro panel, to speed up the process but the plugin can be replaced by any other software.