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Berlin Architecture Sessions - RAW & Uncharted

Berlin Architecture Sessions - RAW & Uncharted

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Berlin Architecture sessions - RAW & Uncharted

Decoding fine art and uncovering its purpose through architecture


Joel Tjintjelaar - better known as one of the pioneers of black-and-white fine art architectural photography as we know it today- is back to hosting a multi-day; in-person and on-location fine art architectural photography workshop again, in Germany's capital Berlin.

This will be unlike any other architecture workshop Joel ever taught as his objective is to make it transformative. Joel has been on a quest to find the deeper meaning behind art (and with it, life) through architecture while being informed by the philosophy of mind, psychology, and the latest insights in physics. He will share the importance of these relationships to understand art better and create more meaningful art through architecture photography. 

Learn more here on the concept of RAW & Uncharted architecture workshop sessions, the lecture topics, activities, and the objectives.

After a break of almost 10 years, Joel is eager and passionate to share his latest insights and teach the future generation of fine art architecture photographers everything it takes to evolve from a „photographer“ to a well-rounded artist. We start by decoding the concept of fine art and uncovering its purpose. And with that insight learn how to use the camera to create more than pretty images and to make true visual statements instead. To unify the technical with the emotional side to make art.

We are not just visiting the ubiquitous landmarks of Berlin, instead, we will have a meaningful mix of architectural structures that carry historical, cultural, or aesthetic meaning to understand and emphasize the importance of an emotional connection with what we wish to photograph and express. In other words, we are not looking for pretty Instagram images, but for structures to connect with emotionally and express ourselves through. Practical information is below. Click here for more details on the RAW & uncharted sessions.



1. Pre-workshop  Zoom session - Fine Art & Architecture Theory: October 6, 2024
  • Duration: approx. 4 hours
  • Students will receive the recording of the session
  • Topics: Fine art and architectural photography - theoretical and practical guidelines. Information on the buildings on-location, routes, and assignments.

2a. Workshop days on-location: October 11/12/13, 2024:  All-day guided sessions in the field with lectures, hands-on instructions, and assignments with feedback. We will be out shooting for the largest part of the day. The evening before the workshop starts on October 10 is a meet and greet day and you will then receive detailed hand-outs of the buildings, routes, and relevant in-depth information on every building.

2b. Non-workshop bonus day on-location: October 14, 2024: participants are free and welcome to tag along with Joel while he's exploring in and around Berlin to photograph for his own portfolio. 

3. Post-workshop Zoom session - B&W Processing: October 20, 2024
  • Duration: approx. 4 hours
  • Students will receive a new HD-quality studio-recorded processing and masking video in June as preparation (5.5 hrs.)
  • Students will receive the recording of the session
  • Topics: B&W Post-processing and masking of the images taken in Berlin
4. Post-workshop Zoom session - Image Review & Feedback: October 27, 2024
  • Duration: approx. 4 hours
  • Students will receive the recording of the session
  • Topics: Image Feedback and review sessions
5. What's included overview: 
  • The costs for transportation on workshop days October 11-13 plus the tag-along day on October 14 to and from shooting locations are included in the workshop price. 
  • The workshop on location (2a) + bonus day (2b), the Pre-workshop Zoom session (1), and the Post-workshop Zoom session (3+4) are included.
  • The new 5.5-hr HD-quality B&W processing & Masking video will be available in June and is included 
  • You will receive a PDF upon successful registration for the workshop with more detailed info on the program and other deliverables (such as a syllabus and handouts) you will receive before the workshop starts.

6. What is not included:

  • Flight and hotels are not included
  • Transfer from and to the airport is not included
  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner are not included
Workshop level: Advanced. We go deep and most likely beyond your comfort zone and expect serious commitment to fulfill assignments.
Workshop Entry level: Intermediate to Advanced is recommended but Beginners are welcome as long as you don't expect us to go into basic camera settings and handling.
Group size: Max. 8-10 (most likely closing at 8 participants).
Fitness level: Moderate - we will be out for large parts of the day walking and shooting but it's not an endurance event.

Please take note of the Terms & Conditions & Cancelation Policy

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